Marti Daly

I am the Creator of Smoke Free U and I help people become free from the smoking or tobacco habit. By the time my clients find me, they have failed at stopping smoking for so long, they often doubt themselves and the possibility that they  will ever know life without smoking. 

With my help,  those same clients who formerly believed they couldn’t stop smoking are able to tap into their amazing power to succeed. By the time they finish my program, they not only believe in their ability to end their tobacco habit for good, they actually do.

My clients’ successes include the wonderful feelings of being able to take a long airplane flight without dying for a cigarette, or, once they land, running through the airport desperately looking for a smoking lounge. Others love the feeling of no longer causing their families to worry that they are killing themselves with smoking. They can now be healthy role models for their kids, grandchildren, or others who look up to them.  There is a new-found integrity too, that comes to those who used to have to hide or lie about it

For the past 10 years I’ve been helping clients gain the freedom that comes from giving up the tobacco habit. I’m talking about the freedom from worrying about when and where they can go smoke, the freedom from checking to make sure they have enough cigarettes to last them through the next morning when they crawl into bed at night. The freedom from having to make a late night run to the store to get more if they don’t. The freedom that comes from knowing that cigarettes and tobacco no longer control them, that they are now the ones in charge of their own lives.

*Individual results may vary

Marti Daly