Here's What You'll Get From This Call:

  • You get an honest look into how smoking is impacting your life and re-light the fire within you to quit. This means you no longer have to waste one more day feeling stuck.
  • You will identify what's been preventing you from quitting in the past. Once you know what your challenges are, you can recognize where they are hiding in your day-to-day life. You can build confidence in your ability to quit because you know what issues to address first.
  • You get a useful game-plan for quitting smoking so you can stop wasting time on so-called solutions that don't work.This means you leave smoking behind faster.
  • You get to have a hope-inspiring conversation with an expert who gets you and your tobacco struggles who will help you realize that you do have the strength and power to stop smoking. That means you can take your life back from the control of tobacco no matter how impossible it seems.
  • Finally, you get to find out if you are a good candidate the Smoke Free U program. This smoking/tobacco cessation solution provides expert guidance in helping you break through those obstacles that have kept you smoking. Joining Smoke Free U means so you can quit cigarettes or chew and enjoy a tobacco-free lifestyle quicker and easier than going it alone.

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